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For 18 and older only

Columbus, Ohio

2024 Fall Class 9/7-12/7

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning

2021 Mid-autumn festival

To take the opportunity to expand the overseas Mandarin learning market, the Oversea Community Affairs Council is promoting the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning Establishment Program to assist the establishment of Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCMLs) in overseas Chinese schools in Europe and the US. These establishments provide an avenue for locals who are 18 years old and above to learn Mandarin and serve as important footholds in promoting Mandarin learning with a Taiwanese teaching style. In 2021, a total of 18 TCMLs have been established after review and guidance provided, of which 15 TCMLs are in the US, while the UK, Germany, and France have one TCML each. For more information, click "About TCML" on the left.

More information about TCML Columbus

2021 TCML Class


Chinese Calligraphy Lessons

Talent Show

2022 Spring Party

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