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Zoom & In-person learning are available

As the world becomes more integrated, the need for increasing knowledge of other cultures becomes more vital. The Taiwan Center for Mandarin Chinese Learning offers adults insight into the world of Mandarin Chinese the language of Taiwan (Perhaps you remember it as Formosa)

To promote a culture with Taiwanese Characteristics, enhance awareness of the importance of Traditional Characters, establish connection to traditional culture, and highlight the importance of traditional characters and culture.

The plan is to extend the teaching scope of the original Chinese school to encompass adult classes, in order to promote a deeper understanding of Taiwan's traditional culture in American mainstream society and to deepen the recognition of Taiwan as an indispensable member of the global village from a cultural perspective.


12 weeks Tuition: $180 from 9/9 to 12/7
 You are welcome to attend all 6 classes for only $180. Textbooks included.

For 18 and older only

* 2 beginners (level 1) classes, 2 intermediate class(level 2) and two advanced class(level 3, 4).

Zoom classes: Monday 7-8 pm, Level 2

                        Wednesday 7-8 p.m., Level 3; 8-9 p.m. Level I

                        Thursday 7-8 pm, Level 4

In-person/Zoom classes: Saturday 1:00-2:30 pm, level 2, in-person/Zoom CLASS INFO

                                                          3:10-4:40 pm, level 1 in-person/Zoom CLASS INFO

** Culture class: 4 weeks of Mahjohn lessons, 4 weeks of XiangQi, and 4 weeks of Chinese Painting. 

Please sign up for headcount.

In-person: Saturday 2:20-3:20 pm

In-person Location: Daniel Wright Elementary Library. 2335 W Case Rd, Columbus, OH 43235 

Here are the textbooks we will use:

Level 1 - Pinyin, tones, Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 1 Lesson 1- 4

Level 2 - Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 1 Lesson 5-10

Level 3 - Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 2 & conversation

Level 4 - Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 3 & conversation


** Join us for the Chinese Moon Festival celebration on September 23, sign up to make snow-skin mooncakes.

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